2015-2016 was Broadway’s Best Season in History

Average gross earnings per week: $20-35 million
Average attendance per week: Over 250,000
Health Care for Casting Directors?: NOPE

Broadway Casting Directors are invaluable to Broadway. They’re the people who find the talent that help make Broadway come alive.

Yet they’re among the only craftspeople on Broadway who have been denied health care and pension benefits most Broadway families receive.

Broadway Producers just celebrated the best attended and highest grossing seasons in Broadway history, raking in over $1.3 BILLION in gross sales in 2015-16. Yet Casting Directors are left without basic workplace benefits, such as health care and a secure retirement, which are standard for the other Broadway crafts.

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 817, which represents Casting Directors for Film and Television, has asked the League Producers to sit down and negotiate a fair contract.